Lose weight 45 year old female

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Lose weight 45 year old female

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Breakfast quality and its relationship to the prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents in Guadalajara Spain.

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Calidad del desayuno en adolescentes de Guadalajara España y su relación con la prevalencia del sobrepeso y obesidad. Aguilar Vilas, C.

Lose weight 45 year old female

Mateos Vega and M a C. Martínez Para. Departamento de Nutrición, Bromatologia y Toxicología.

How to lose weight quickly without gym

Facultad de Farmacia. Campus Universitario.

Introduction: Many young people today skip the first meal of the day in order to lose weight. Objective: To study the impact of breakfast quality and skipping breakfast on the BMI and on the prevalence of overweight and obesity.

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Method: A nutritional study was carried out on a population of secondary school students years of age in Guadalajara, Spain based on seven-day food journal and food frequency questionnaires. Sociodemographic data were also collected. Anthropometric measurements of weight and adiposity BMI, percentage body fat were also taken.

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Results: Boys aged ate the highest proportion of full breakfasts Inverse relationships were recorded between breakfast energy intake and the BMI There was practically no correlation between protein intake and the BMI.

Subjects who did not eat dairy products and those who ate cooked breakfasts had the highest BMIs.

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Conclusions: Skipping breakfast was not an effective way to lose weight, and weight was inversely related to breakfast quality. Key words: Breakfast quality.

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Introducción: En la actualidad, una parte importante de la población juvenil española opta por omitir el desayuno en su dieta de adelgazamiento. Objetivo: Estudiar el impacto de la calidad de desayuno y de su omisión en el índice de masa corporal y en la prevalencia del sobrepeso y la obesidad.

Lose weight 45 year old female

Método: Se llevó a cabo, en una población de adolescentes años de edad en Guadalajara, España, un estudio nutricional basado en encuestas de diarios dietéticos y en cuestionarios de frecuencia de alimentos de siete días.

Palabras clave: Calidad del desayuno.

For this reason it is absolutely necessary to institute educational, legislative, and other measures aimed at changing eating habits and bringing about a return to healthier lifestyles. Breakfast is a factor that appears to be related to the prevalence of overweight and obesity.

Lose weight 45 year old female

Studies carried out by Mirmiran 13 and Lose weight 45 year old female Seiquer 14 have disclosed an inverse relationship between eating dairy products, a basic breakfast food, and the BMI. Barton 15 reported a similar finding for cereals and the BMI. However, the relationship between the foods eaten at breakfast and the BMI is not the only relationship that has been found; breakfast duration is also a factor.

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The object of this study was to examine possible relationships between breakfast quality and the prevalence of overweight and obesity in a juvenile population in Guadalajara Castilla-La Mancha, Spainalong with the influence of physiological and sociodemographic factors. As discussed in previous work, 17,18 this cross-sectional study Lose weight 45 year old female carried out on a population of secondary school students ranging from 12 to 17 years of age who were attending public schools in the city of Guadalajara Castilla-La Mancha, Spain during the school year.

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The population was randomly selected and in good health. The express consent of the parents was obtained before interviewing the pupils and taking anthropometric measurements. Table I summarizes the principal characteristics of the study population.

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The students participating in this study kept a food journal for seven days with the help Lose weight 45 year old female their parents and advice by two expert dieticians, who also verified and quantified the food entries, and they also completed a food frequency questionnaire, 8 likewise verified and quantified by the same two dieticians.

In addition, information on family socioeconomic status and lifestyle habits was also compiled on each of the study subjects.

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Intake levels were compared with recommended levels to assess the adequacy of the diet. Breakfasts were classified either as full or not full according to the criteria set forth by Pinto and Carbajal 9Lose weight 45 year old female.

Weight and height measurements were taken using a Harpenden stadiometer connected to a Seca precision scale accurate to gwith subjects wearing light clothing in their stocking feet.

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All measurements were taken by the same operator to eliminate subjective error. The BMI was used as an indicator of obesity in the study population based on the IOTF 24 cut off points for overweight and obesity for subjects between 2 and 18 years of age by sex.

Resultados de la búsqueda para "Vix" | WebSurg, the online university of IRCAD

Statistical analyses were carried out using the Statgraphics 5. The results have been expressed as mean values with the corresponding standard deviation values. In addition, multivariate analysis, i.

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For the anthropometric measurements table Ithe study population was subdivided into two Lose weight 45 year old female, 12 to year-olds and 15 to year-olds, by gender. The 12 to year-olds had a Lose weight 45 year old female height of According to the Fundación Orbegozo 25 growth curves, the values for both sexes were between the 50th and 75th percentiles. For the https://meningitis.feels.website/wiki-como-curar-el-dolor-de-aductor.php to year-olds, the mean height for the boys was The mean weight of the 12 to year-old boys was The mean weight of the girls this same age was slightly lower, Results for the 15 to year-olds were similar, The mean BMI value was Adiposity values for the subjects were higher in the girls According to the IOTF 24 criteria for obesity and overweight, No 15 to year-old female subjects were obese.

Lose weight 45 year old female

From the results summarized in table Ia group of year-old girls 8. All the other subjects in the study group ate breakfast.

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The breakfasts eaten contributed The mean Lose weight intake differed by subject age and sex, with the boys, particularly 15 to year-olds, consuming the most calories By breakfast type the 15 to year-old boys ate the best quality breakfasts, with In contrast, the girls the same age ate the lowest-quality breakfasts, with 4. A combination of dairy products and cereals was the breakfast most frequently eaten by all the year old female considered.

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Overall, the girls ate the most fruit, though the 15 to year-old boys also had relatively high levels of fruit consumption. Breakfast quality was not significantly related to the daily calorie intake, but a clear trend was nonetheless observable table II.

The subjects who ate a full breakfast had a more moderate overall calorie intake, 2, Furthermore, the calorie profile of the subjects who ate a full breakfast was somewhat closer to the recommended level fig.

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BMI values for the rest of the groups considered were similar, ranging from Skipping the first meal of the day was not associated with lower BMI values Both the obese group and the overweight group obtained a smaller proportion of their calorie intakes Lose weight 45 year old female breakfast table IV. The correlations between the BMI and dairy product, cereal, calcium, fibre, and protein consumption were also calculated, and an inverse relationship was observed in all cases, except for the protein.

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While these relationships were not significant, they nonetheless did point to a clear trend. The more siblings, the higher the percentage of the total calorie intake supplied by breakfast.

Lose weight 45 year old female

The juvenile population in Guadalajara studied here is representative of the population in Spain as a whole, with normal BMI and adiposity values. The findings show that for anatomical and physiological reasons, girls carry more fat, principally in the gluteal region.

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On looking more closely at the rates of obesity and overweight, year old female mean values were The prevalence of obesity in all four groups of the study population considered in Guadalajara was much lower Lose weight the prevalence reported in the EnKid 26 study. Since breakfast appears to be an indicator of healthy eating habits and to have an effect on whether or not a person becomes overweight or obese 27an assessment was performed taking into account both breakfast quality and whether or not breakfast was skipped.

The first point to be noted is that, as reported in other national or international studies of this kind, the subjects that made up the Lose weight 45 year old female studied here were not aware of the physical and psychological benefits of eating a good breakfast, 28 especially during childhood and adolescence 9. Accordingly, a group of 15 to year-old female subjects 8.

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Affenito 27 reported a similar proportion of people who skipped breakfast and also recorded a decrease in breakfast frequency with age. Breakfast supplied only According to the results of this study, both age and sex influenced breakfast eating habits, because Lose weight 45 year old female the belief that a small breakfast helps you lose weight, which was more prevalent among the older girls than among the boys.

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Clearly, given that the proportion of the daily energy intake supplied by breakfast was lower than the recommended value, it follows that the proportion of study subjects who ate a full breakfast was also quite low. The great majority of subjects reported eating dairy products at breakfast, ordinarily chocolate milk in the case of the younger subjects, and cereals cookies, bread, baked goods, breakfast cereals.

Lose weight 45 year old female

Breakfast cereals have increasingly replaced cookies, toast, and https://ormonale.feels.website/tag-pan-facil-y-rapido-sin-levadura-thermomix.php baked goods in recent years. This may be ascribable to the influence of eating habits from other countries, advertising, and convenience in a society in which time is Lose weight 45 year old female an ever scarcer commodity.

Additionally, it should be noted that breakfast cereals, which are ordinarily enriched with vitamins and minerals, are looked upon as being indicative of a healthy lifestyle.

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Consumption of fruit and freshly made juices was low, and these foods were eaten mostly by the female subjects in both of the age groups considered. These findings are similar to those reported by other authors, e. The subjects who ate a cooked breakfast tended to have high BMIs, most likely because of their habit of eating high Lose weight 45 year old female dense foods.

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As already pointed out in the previous section, while no significant relationship between breakfast quality and the daily calorie intake was observed, the results obtained did suggest that year old subjects who ate an insufficient breakfast felt hungrier, which in turn led to their eating larger amounts of food or to choosing foods with high energy densities for their other meals.

The girls who skipped breakfast had low daily female intakes, Lose weight 45 year old female they reported that they were dieting to lose weight, without supervision by a specialist.

The relationships between dairy product consumption and calcium intake and the BMI were calculated using the same procedures employed by other researchers, 13,14 with inverse correlations being found in both cases Thus, as in other published reports, eating dairy products not only lowers the risk of osteoporosis and hypertension as adults but also could help prevent and treat obesity.

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The mechanism by which dairy products influence weight and body fat is unknown, but some studies have claimed that calcium does play such a role. Different mechanisms could be involved, for instance, inhibition of fat absorption, 39 Lose weight 45 year old female of the lipid metabolism, or increased expression of UCP 2 and hence thermogenesis in white adipose tissue.

However, other studies have suggested that the protein content, not calcium, is responsible for weight loss, possibly by interfering with the reninangiotensin system in adipocytes.

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Based on the correlation coefficient values obtained, cereal and fibre consumption exerted a greater influence on body weight. Some other published studies have reported cereal consumption at breakfast or over the course of the day to be inversely related to weight gain.

Lose weight 45 year old female

The sole factor that was observed to have an influence was the number of members making up the family unit.

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